Bureau Talent has participated in two Erasmus+ programmes. We started out in 2016 with a programme called European Citizenship and 21st Century Skills. In this project, we trained teachers on how to develop lessons plans through Design Thinking, a method in which we are specialised. The teachers then gave these lessons and shared them with their colleagues in Spain and Italy. The project was finished by a symposium at which teachers and students exchanged their experiences .

From 2015 up until 2018 we participated in another Erasmus+ programme called Talent Education. During this project we trained both primary and secondary school teachers to work with Design Thinking so that they could use this method in working with their talented pupils. We are currently in the last phase of this project and are now helping the teachers write a manual for other teachers on how to use Design Thinking in their everyday practice. The project will be rounded up with a conference on June 6th, 2018.At the moment, we are in working on a third Erasmus+ application. This time we want to focus on finding cognitive talent among children from minority backgrounds and children whose parents are lower-educated workers. Recent research has shown that unequal opportunities is a problem in education, and society as a whole, and that these pupils are underrepresented in the highest levels of our educational system. We think it is important to find these cognitively talented pupils and to make sure that they do develop their talents. We will know more about this Erasmus+ application in the summer of 2018.
Experts in de ontwikkeling van cognitief talent (10 – 18 jaar)
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