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Equal opportunities at conference WCGTC 2021

This summer the world conference, organized by the World Council of Gifted and Talented Children, will take place again. Together with Desirée Houkema and Nora Steenbergen, Lineke van Tricht is Delegate for the Netherlands.
The theme of the upcoming conference is: Developing the Future of Gifted Education. Our mission at Bureau Talent is for this future to focus on equal opportunities in gifted education. In the Netherlands, equal opportunities in education are not doing well and the differences have even grown since 2003! Children of lower-educated parents are less likely to end up at HAVO or VWO and subsequently successfully complete these education levels. In our CEOS project, we try to contribute to solutions for this problem. During the world conference, we will also look for good examples from other countries.
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Promoting equity in gifted education (10-18 years)

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