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Symposium on equal opportunities at ECHA conference 2022

Get inspired this summer: Learn about innovative educational practices to increase equal opportunities for gifted students from disadvantaged backgrounds. At the ECHA world conference, from August 31st to September 3rd 2022 in The Hague, our founder and director Lineke van Tricht will contribute to the symposium ‘Learners with High Ability in Marginalized and Disadvantaged Contexts. (Research and Application).’ This symposium, a follow-up to the symposium from last year’s ECHA Virtual Conference, will explore findings and applications for learners with high ability dealing with issues of disadvantage and marginalisation in four different contexts.

First, Ian Warwick (London Gifted & Talented) will focus on the use of formal academic language (or lack thereof) and the impact this has on the results of intelligence tests. To improve the opportunities of disadvantaged students, an effective academic language programme was developed and analysed.

The second part of the symposium builds on the research of the above and applies it to a Dutch context. International partners Ian Warwick, Marlies Tierens (Hogeschool Thomas More), Birgit Broekhoven (Rijswijks Lyceum), Lianne Hoogeveen (Radboud Universiteit), and Lineke van Tricht (Bureau Talent) cooperated in the Erasmus+ co-financed project ‘Creating equal opportunities at school: Empowering students from less advantaged backgrounds through teaching academic language’, to contribute to bridging the gap between these students’ cognitive talent and their current academic achievement through language interventions.

Third, Margaret Sutherland, Niamh Stack, and Catherine Reid from the University of Glasgow analyse how highly able learners from areas of high deprivation in Scotland adjust to, assert and maintain their position in the educational field. These students are often understood as arriving with a deficit of academic and social skills. Higher Education can offer new and rich opportunities for intellectual growth and development for these young scholars.

In the fourth and final part, Ndondo Mutua Mulli and David Rempel present a case study of the impact of NGO Mully Children’s Family STEMM Promotion Program in Kenya. Mully Children’s Family promotes and develops gifts and talents among children from marginalised and poverty-stricken communities, with a key focus on nurturing children’s giftedness with the potential to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) related fields.

Has reading the above made you curious? Register for the ECHA conference here. We hope to see you at the conference! If you have any questions about this topic, you are welcome to contact Lineke van Tricht.


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