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As a European Talent Point, we love international cooperation. We are convinced that if we share our experiences and expertise, we can improve gifted education together. We have worked with partners in Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom and would like to expand our network of international partners. Are you looking for a partner that has experience in gifted secondary education? We might be just the partner you are looking for. We only work with ECHA certified trainers who are skilled at linking scientific insights with everyday school life.

European subsidy programme for education, youth, and sports. Since 2018, Bureau Talent leads the project Creating Equal Opportunities at School (CEOS).

European Council for High Ability, an international network for professionals in gifted education. Bureau Talent's tutors are ECHA-specialists in Gifted Education.

European Talent Support Network, an international learning organisation. Bureau Talent represents through the National Talent Centre of the Netherlands (NTCN).

Promoting equity in gifted education (10-18 years)

Middelstegracht 87f
2312 TT Leiden
The Netherlands
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