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Learning Skills

Gifted and talented students are very intelligent, but they often do not know how to learn. As a result they can start underachieving. Bureau Talent offers training as well as a tool, the Learning Skills Game.

The Learning Skills Game is a card game that helps students to improve their way of learning. By playing the Learning Skills Game, students get insight into the skills they already master and the ones they want to improve. The motto of the game is: Help students find their own solutions.

The Learning Skills Game was developed at a Dutch school in Utrecht. The idea came from a teacher who worked with gifted students for over 20 years. First she worked with a 'homemade' game. She tried the game with many groups of students and experienced that it worked really well! That's why we decided to publish the game. Now that the game has become a success in the Netherlands we have decided to publish an English version, so that many more students can benefit from the game! Students and teachers at the American School of the Hague have already worked with the game.

To get started with the game, we can do a training at your school.

The Learning Skills Game costs $21,95 (shipping excluded). You can order it here.

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