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Bureau Talent only works with ECHA-certified trainers and is member of the ECHA Association Netherlands. We attend a peer-consultation session organised by this association at least once a year and regularly go to the annual meet-ups organised by the Radboud University in Nijmegen (the institute in the Netherlands that hosts the ECHA training).  We also attend the biennial European ECHA Conference. This is where we present our work, keep our knowledge up-to-date and maintain and expand our international network. We would like to cooperate more with international partners and for that purpose we have become a European Talent Point. The network of European Talent Points consists of EU partners who are all specialised in Giftedness. In order to become and remain a European Talent Point, we must meet all the requirements as established by ECHA Europe.

For more information on the European Talent Support Network:

Promoting equity in gifted education (10-18 years)

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