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How to support gifted adolescents to flourish: that is your question. From adapted lessons to policy making, Bureau Talent can advise and support you with her expertise, teacher training and consultation. We combine scientific insights with practical experience. We differentiate, do not believe in standard solutions and deliver tailor-made guidance to groups and individuals. After all, every adolescent, student, parent, school and organisation is unique. We work online and on location.

Bureau Talent was started by Lineke van Tricht, former secondary school teacher and administrator. Our experience is that gifted youngsters are not always challenged enough at school. Unfortunately that can lead to underachievement. The students lose their motivation and/or don't know how to learn. They always had good results without studying! That is why Bureau Talent International offers counselling and learning skills. Together with the students we go on a journey to discover what their interests and problems are. Then we help them to improve their skills and to enjoy learning (again). We also work with their teachers and administrators, creating a challenging learning environment.  Through this way of working, youngsters experience again that learning is fun!


Lineke van Tricht

Founder and owner/director

'My passion is working with gifted teenagers, their teachers and their administrators.'

I love going on a journey with young people to find out what their interests are and developing or finding enrichment projects that they enjoy.

Working on improving education for gifted students with teachers and administrators also fascinates me! Starting with the fundament of the mission statement of a school and building challenging education for gifted students from there is what I love to do.

Often there are many more opportunities than people think. That goes for students as well as teachers and administrators! I like to help them find all the possibilities.

Suzanne Oskam

Administration, communication, technical support

Next to my Ph.D. research on the influence of digital media on literature and reading skills, I spend five days a week as Bureau Talent's very own 'centipede.' I use my skills and knowledge from a versatile background in (among other things) writing, graphic design, journalism, and philosophy to pay attention to both the bigger picture and the small details. As a gifted student, I have dealt with some of the typical challenges and am glad to support my younger peers through the work that Bureau Talent does.

Mariëtte Eijkelestam


I have been working with gifted pupils for more than ten years now. I started out as an English teacher and along the way I have expanded my horizons as an ECHA-specialist in Gifted Education. My main motivation as a teacher is, of course, to see pupils grow because they have learnt something new or developed a new skill. Some gifted pupils, however, need a bit of extra support (study skills for example) or enrichment of the curriculum to keep learning and growing. This is something I can help out with. Currently, my main focus at Bureau Talent are the Erasmus+ projects.

Birgit Broekhoven


I am trainer and project leader at Bureau Talent. Also, I work in secondary education as a teacher and gifted and talent development coordinator. I have specialised in gifted education and took the training to become a RITHA Specialist in Gifted Education. I currently lead the international Erasmus+ project 'Equity in Gifted Education', of which Bureau Talent is a partner, together with Stichting VO Haaglanden, Dublin City University, PDC Thomas More in Antwerp, and Heimerer College in Pristina, Kosovo.


"Our belief is that people are happier and can be of more value to their environment if they know and develop their talents. This is a quest, if not THE quest in life."

Mission of Bureau Talent

The mission of Bureau Talent is to allow talented and gifted young people to flourish. Where it is often thought that they will be able to save themselves, we know that these young people need the right guidance to learn where their talents lie and how they can develop them.

On the one hand, this has to do with challenging education in a stimulating environment; on the other, with personal growth.

Bureau Talent therefore offers education, guidance and teaching materials for gifted and gifted young people between the ages of 10 - 18 and training and advice to their schools.

Promoting equity in gifted education (10-18 years)

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