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How to support gifted adolescents to flourish: that is your question. From adapted lessons to policy making, Bureau Talent can advise and support you with her expertise, teacher training and consultation. We combine scientific insights with practical experience. We differentiate, do not believe in standard solutions and deliver tailor-made guidance to groups and individuals. After all, every adolescent, student, parent, school and organisation is unique. We work online and on location.

Think like a designer and learn how to apply human-centered techniques to create interesting enrichment tasks and for pupils to work on 21st-century skills. 

How do your learn how to learn? We offer training to teachers and a Learning Skills card game to help students improve their way of learning.

How does your school lay the groundwork for giftedness education? Bureau Talent can help you (re-)articulate your policy.

Some gifted students have more serious issues with motivation than others. Bureau Talent trains teachers and counsellors to guide these gifted students.

In our Erasmus+ project Creating Equal Opportunities at School, we enhance visibility and opportunities of students with low socio-economic status.

Promoting equity in gifted education (10-18 years)

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