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Inclusivity at ECHA Conference 2021

In 2020, the ECHA Conference would take place in Porto, Portugal. Unfortunately, things went differently and the symposium had to be postponed until this summer. Now, after a long wait, the ECHA Conference 2021 will take place completely online, from August 31 to September 2, with the theme 'inclusion in gifted education'.

Margaret Sutherland, Niamh Stack and Catherine Reid of Glasgow University; Ian Warwick of London GT; and Ndondo Mutua of Mully Children's Family and David Rempel of the IUBH University of Applied Sciences are our international partners in the symposium. Lianne Hoogeveen of Radboud University will chair the symposium.
We are happy to share the expertise of our partners with you below:

In this symposium, we will discuss the question of inclusion in gifted education. Gifted education is generally not very diverse when it comes to the students selected for these programs. We present four projects that want to make a positive change by combining research and practice. The REAL project in London has a long experience in teaching gifted newcomers academic language, so students get the chance to perform on an academic level, appropriate to their potential. The CEOS project in Belgium and the Netherlands works with (partly) non-verbal tests to find hidden cognitive talents and offers them a program on academic language. The third abstract from the University of Glasgow focuses on the participation of under-represented groups in higher education. The fourth abstract introduces the Mully Method of Rehabilitation, a method in which creativity is the key to open traumatised students for high achievement. This panel is chaired by Lianne Hoogeveen Ph.D., Radboud University Nijmegen the Netherlands, Programme Director ECHA / RITHA; Coordinator Master Gifted Education; Health Care Psychologist and partner in the CEOS project.

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